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What is Farniente?

Farniente literally means "doing nothing" of the Italian "Fare niente". It is associated with a certain sweetness of life, always from the Italian "Dolce fare niente". It's a positive approach to idleness that makes us feel good, as opposed to the stressful work that hurts us.

Farniente  la plage exists because one day in March, I went to Mauritius. Arrived in Grand Bay, the taxi driver told me that a category 3 cyclone was at 50 miles from Mauritius. I had to make food and drink provisions for 5 days in less than an hour, in an unknown country. I stayed locked up for two and a half days. Winds of over 140 mph howled, the bungalow was shaking, scary enough for a tropical vacation! So I lost three days of vacation and it could have been much worse. As well as the rainy season with the cyclones! Of course, I have a story to tell but life is so much more profitable when the sun is bright. If like me, you prefer the best for you, your family and your holidays, check out my beaches destinations for a serene departure to the beaches!

I have assigned to each beach destinations, a "FARNIENTE" index calculated in relation to the maximum temperatures during the day, minimum at night, according to the rains and the bathing temperature at sea. This index gives an overall sensitivity over the year it takes into account the periods of rain, monsoons and freshness. The more the index is high, the more is destination offers great holidays.

Ranking of the 119 destinations most open beaches to farniente all year long

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