The ideal temperature for swimming at sea is 84 degrees

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84F for swimming at sea

What is the ideal temperature for sea and lagoons bathing?

You often go to the sea, to the beach, you bathe and you discover a water temperature quite cool, you say No luck, we can do nothing! . Unlike weather, the mean temperatures of lagoon, sea and ocean waters vary very little from one day to another. So you just have to learn a little before leaving on the seaside of an unknown country to take full advantage of the bath without grimaces.

66F to 70F (19C to 22C): You swim on the west coast. To bear this temperature, you should be unconscious. No lagoons proposes these low temperatures, besides the coolest lagoons are around 75F, below, there is no more color under water. For those who say, at this temperature: It's so good ! , (yes, there are many!), why do they take their shower at 95F? Bizarre ...

71F to 77F (23C to 26C): You bathe in the Mediterranean Sea and it's already better, but it still lacks a few degrees to enter the water without making grimaces. Of course, once in the water, (after a psychological preparation), the body adapts, but the feeling of cold can return quickly or never disappear.

78F to 84F (27C to 29C): That is the ideal bathing temperature for long bathing. Entry into the water is not aggressive and relatively bearable. This is a standard lagoon temperature. Besides, the temperature of the lagoons varies very little in the year.

85F to 90F (30C to 33C): You are no longer in Europe or in the Carribean. Some lagoons and seas of asia invites you to enter the water without worrying about the temperature. Indeed, it is in this interval of temperature that the body and the mind are in agreement.

91F to 95F (34C to 35C): You will only find these exceptional bathing temperatures in Asia and Oceania. The bathing water is very hot, it does not refresh anymore. Nor will you find these temperatures in the lagoons because the coral does not appreciate, but rather in the seas of Asia.

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