The most beautiful beaches in the world, without forgetting the best lagoons

My holidays on the most beautiful beaches of  

The most beautiful beaches in the world and the most beautiful lagoons in the world

If like all tropical travel amateurs, you enjoy seeing awesome beaches, you can participate by sending us your best secret beaches that will not remain anymore, because the best beaches are here. Leave a comment if you know a beautiful beach and its location. After many trips to the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most beautiful lagoons in the world, we wonder if we have seen everything. Well, fortunately no, there are still small wonders of nature, here is the beginning of the collection:

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Passion pushed me to create this site TropicsBeach to prepare all the seaside trips and especially to propose ideas of stays to the best beaches in the world and the others ...

The important thing is to travel in the best conditions, that means, with the sun and in a favorable climate to not bypass the basics of your trip, which can for some, represent the savings of several years or a honeymoon.

Really beautiful beaches at the end of the world!

What are the criteria for defining a beautiful beach? I would say the transparency of the water, its variations of turquoise and emerald colors, the whiteness and finesse of the sand, the lush vegetation, corals for snorkeling and some rocks out of the water where light waves rest . To highlight this nature, of course, the tropical sun warms the water and the air at 88°F (31 degrees). But my definition of this beauty belongs to me. You will surely have your say when you contemplate one of these natural wonders.

I seriously think that it is not necessary to establish a ranking of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Indeed, everyone will have a different feeling to enjoy a beautiful beach. Depending on the artistic quality of a photo, a ranking could fool opinions. It is imperative to see and feel the beaches, they have so much power over our stress!

Some conditions boost the good sensations on the beach: the softness of the wind, the cleanliness of the sea and the beach, the absence of algae and odors, the number of tourists who are there, the restoration to proximity, the depth of the sea, the absence of sharks or dangerous animals and the good smell of coconut or monoi!

Photos from the beautiful slideshow

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