Your hotel on the beach or on stilts over the lagoon, it is really nice.

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How to choose your hotel without ever going wrong?
Hotel on the lagoon or directly on the beach?

Our advice for choosing the good hotel and make no mistake: In general, the first criterion of selection is the budget, so give yourself a floor price range and price ceiling. Then, naturally follows the number of stars of the hotels. The stars are related to the services offered and generally correspond to the quality you expect.

Let us go further: As a general rule, when we decide to go abroad, we do not know where we set foot. We know some places of reputation but sometimes the interesting places extend over miles. Problem: Are you going to have lunch and dinner in your hotel because it is far from all the restaurants? Will you be subject to the prices of the menu card by obligation?

So be careful when buying, you are accustomed to paying a certain price for a meal but elsewhere in the world, lobster can be worth only 12 dollars! So geotag the preferred hotels is a good idea to get you closer to the busy centers, but not too much (noises).

Be smart and prepare your trip, thanks to the internet. Target your destination accurately. The large discounts of the well known sites indicate that the hotel is almost empty and away from the centers of interest. Beware of cyclonic periods !

Let's go even further, here are things to consider when choosing accommodation: places of interest, shopping and restaurants of transport, near the airport without being in its alignment and air corridor against the noise, proximity of other hotels for competition tariffs, pay attention to the photos of the pools and gardens in wide angle, appearing bigger, safety box in the room to deposit passports and values, wireless internet debit to communicate, travelers reviews to average. On the reviews, they must be numerous otherwise they can be faked. You should also take into account the date of reviews because for example, mosquitoes are not present all year round or the weather is less mild out of season.

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